put on yr tin foil hat

by Fragile Whim

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i don't know how to ukelele

2 originals, 2 covers


released July 3, 2015

Thanks to:

my mom, for letting me record this in her car

Nicki, for whom I recorded House of Gold

Gary, who lent me this instrument i butchered



all rights reserved


Fragile Whim Connecticut


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Track Name: escapism (inevitable heat death of the universe)
we are killing our home
we don't have much time
we should find a mountain
or some trees to climb

i don't know what
i was put here for
i just know
i'm better than i was before

let's get away
let's travel the country
let's discover (what we already knew)
nobody is truly free

i feel so small
everything looks the same
i long for something new
to get up and walk away

i'll find a place
silent and peaceful
to be one of the trees
hopefully i'll be as tall as can be
Track Name: don't write, prepare for aliens
i can't write anything deep
without some convoluted metaphor
for how i haven't gotten as far
as i'd like to

wanna drop outta college
get a dog and a house
prep for doomsday or just next week
do what i wanna
livin my dream
and i don't even have to speak

i can't write anything deep
without stealing a line
from someone else's song
not a creative bone in my body anymore

i never have to write again
if i don't wanna if i don't wanna
so i'll prepare for the end of the world
i'll put on my tin foil hat