by Fragile Whim

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released January 7, 2015



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Fragile Whim Connecticut


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Track Name: T(her)teen
13 months ago
someone flipped a switch
on the light outside my window
I kept tossing and turning
Unable to rest
Uncomfortable in the orange glow

It calls to me,
To run out and get it,
To find out what it is
But something I’ve learned
Is that way up close,
Nothing is really perfect

I do not know where to go
I do not know where to run

13 days ago
someone flipped a switch
on the light outside my window
I’ve been able to sleep
Now that it has gone out
I can rest comfortably alone

I have nowhere to go
I do not have to run
Track Name: A Song For The End (And Beginning)
A tangerine sky
A thumping in my chest
The wind blowing to
Encourage us to seek shelter

Your porcelain skin
Everything you own
Will all turn to dust
When we’re gone

The muted dawn
And mechanical whir
Keeps dreamers like me
Up long past midnight

That shining bright light
A beacon in the night
Reminds me to just
Lay my head down