by Fragile Whim

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sometimes i wanna go swimming
across the ocean
till my body breaks down
and when i wash up
on to shore
there's someone there
waiting patiently for me
and he'll see
my tired body
all purple and blue
and that's when i'll wish
that maybe instead i was with you
cos i swam
across the ocean to
reach you in your cottage
but the water
wasn't kind enough to me
oh it never was
you know it never has been
but after coughing up
my blood and water
and traveling through
searching for just a hint of you
i feel like
i'm so close
so close to home but
so close to the water and
still to far away from you
let's just hope
i don't get back in
and try to swim
all the way back
without you


released April 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Fragile Whim Connecticut


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